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Current Pursuits & Interests

In addition to being an author and speaker, Joe currently serves as the President and Professor of Theology and Apologetics at Veritas International University (VIU)(www.ves.edu) in Santa Ana, California.  He also spends his time as general editor to the Defending Inerrancy initiative (www.DefendingInerrancy.com) founded by concerned scholars to combat the erosion of biblical inerrancy within the evangelical institutions and among some church communities.

Joe enjoys equipping the church and his students to efficiently share the gospel with a lost and searching world, and to defend the historic Christian Faith. To accomplish this, he teaches in churches, conferences and classrooms across the United States, and occasionally internationally. To bring him (or a full conference of speakers) to your church or classroom email Joe on our contact page. 

 While specializing in bibliology, theology proper (doctrine of God), and apologetics, Joe has a passion for Near Eastern archaeology as it relates to the Bible. He has participated in the ongoing joint excavation by Trinity Southwest University and Veritas International University, of the biblical city of Sodom at Tall el-Hammam, located near the northeastern end of the Dead Sea in Jordan (Sodom Excavation). 

As a former college and professional  baseball player, Joe enjoys playing and watching sports and coaching baseball at the high school level, as well as spending time at the beach with his family. He currently resides in Temecula, southern California, with his wife Theresa and son David.



Ph.D. Theology (2011) University of Wales Trinity Saint David, Lampeter, Wales, UK 

M.Div. Apologetics (2003) Southern Evangelical Seminary, Charlotte, NC

M.A. Apologetics (1997) Southern Evangelical Seminary, Charlotte, NC

B.A. General Studies (2003) Western Illinois University, Macomb, IL
B.B.S. Biblical Studies (1995) Calvary Bible College, Murrieta, CA

Dissertation & Thesis

Ph.D. Dissertation (University of Wales Trinity Saint David):The Eternal Simplicity of Divine Love: An Evaluation of Open Theism Against the Patristic Doctrine of God

M.A. Thesis (Southern Evangelical Seminary): An Examination and Evaluation of the Jesus Seminar View of the Gospel Sayings of Jesus Christ 

Academic Positions

Veritas International University (Santa Ana, CA), 

President, Professor of Theology and Apologetics (2008-Present)

Calvary Bible College (Murrieta, CA)

Adjunct Faculty (2002-Present)

Azusa Pacific University (San Diego Extension Campus, CA), 

Adjunct Faculty (2004-2012)

Oregon Theological Seminary (Silverton, OR) 

Adjunct Faculty (2004-2005)

Faith Evangelical Seminary (Carlsbad site, CA), 

Lecturer (2002-2004)


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“An Interview with Theology and Archaeology Expert Joseph Holden,” in How the Bible Was Written, Special Collectors Edition. Winter/Spring 2016, Beckett Entertainment.

Radio & Teaching Ministry

 KWVE 107.9 guest host of “Pastor’s Perspective” live call-in apologetics program 

 aired nationally (2006-present)

KRTM 88.9FM host of “Living Epistles” program aired weekly in southern California 

area (2006-2009)

CSN Radio guest host of “To Every Man An Answer” live call-in program aired nationally 


KRTM 88.9 guest host/commentator of “Word in Life” program aired weekly in Southern 

California (2005)

Joe has taught at numerous venues locally (Southern California), nationally (United States), and internationally (Europe and the Middle East), on various topics in the field of theology, religion, biblical studies, apologetics, and archaeology.

Academic Society

 International Society of Christian Apologetics (ISCA)