The Price of Orthodoxy is Eternal Vigilance

What Audience has God given to you?

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Streaming Video Lecture - Watch Now!


Watch Dr. Steven Collins of Veritas International University, director of the Sodom excavation in Jordan, speak on the strong support archaeology offers to the historical reliability of the Bible. He shares details  of his ongoing excavation of Sodom and how it confirms the Scriptures. Very Interesting!  

Darwin's Doubts - View it Today!

Stephen Meyer Darwin's Doubts Lecture at Veritas International University

Dr. Stephen Meyer discusses Charles Darwin's Doubts about the theory of evolution at the VIU National Apologetics Conference. 

What is Apologetics? A Round-table Discussion - Video


Listen in to a discussion about apologetics with Dr. Norman Geisler, Joseph Holden, Ron Rhodes, and pastor John Miller at Revival Christian Fellowship in Menifee, California.

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